Bakemaster - Twin Fan Convection Oven - Jacket Potato Baker - Elec
MODEL: Bakemaster
Bakemaster - Twin Fan Convection Oven - Jacket Potato Baker - Elec
Bakemaster - Twin Fan Convection Oven - Jacket Potato Baker - Elec


Built to meet the demands of progressive catering establishments, the Bakemaster is an attractive, highly efficient convection oven avaiable in Black or Green with stainless steel interior.

Perfect for modern, busy eateries, it has a cooking capacity of 60 x 250gm potatoes per hour. Add to this a large hothold illuminated show cabinet with a toughened glass door and window to display the delicious baked potatoes to customers. Like any conventional convection oven, the Bakemaster will also bake pies, pasties, pizza and bread, giving you the versatility to offer a range of foods to your customers.

With an easy to clean stainless steel interior, removable shelf supports and large radius corners, this oven is designed to make life as easy as possible. The twin fans and elements ensure efficient distribution of heat and even, uniform cooking.

Product Features
Model Bakemaster
* 120 Potato baking capacity
* Thermostat to 300°
* On/Off switch
* Large heated, illuminated display cabinet
* Supplied with removable easy load trays
* Twin fans
* Built for commercial use
* 13 amp supply
* Single phase power supply
* Ideal counter-mounted or back bar
* Toughened double-glazed oven door
* No installation costs
* Thermostaticaly controlled
* 2 hour timer
* Easy to clean stainless steel oven

Capacity 120 Potato Capacity
Construction Coloured Panel, Glass Doors, Stainless Steel Interior
Power 3 Kw
Voltage 220 - 230 V
Width 660 mm
Depth 600 mm
Height 880 mm
Weight 47 Kg

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