Potato Baker - Jacket Potato Oven
MODEL: Potato Baker - Large - PB2
Potato Baker - Jacket Potato Oven
Potato Baker - Jacket Potato Oven Potato Baker - Jacket Potato Oven
Potato Baker - Jacket Potato Oven Potato Baker - Jacket Potato Oven
Potato Baker - Jacket Potato Oven Potato Baker - Jacket Potato Oven

The King Edward Potato Baker - a truly versatile high performance oven

The flagship Potato Bakers are still hand finished to exacting standards, ensuring optimum operating efficiency. Available in two sizes and a choice of attractive vitreous enamel or stainless steel finishes.

Jacket potatoes are highly nutritious and are an increasingly popular choice for todays health conscious public. They appeal to all age groups and their versatility is unrivalled - a wide range of both hot and cold toppings give multiple menu options based around the jacket potato.

The King Edward Potato Baker, being both highly visual and attractive, is the ultimate means of cooking and displaying delicious hot jacket potatoes enabling you to maximise your sales of this very profitable meal or snack.

Good design never dates and the King Edward Potato Baker will enhance most environments, whatever the décor or period feel. The timeless good looks and colour options of the King Edward range means that your baker will fit in beautifully with any colour scheme or design layout.

The fan-assisted main oven cooks a batch of potatoes quickly and evenly whilst the illuminated display area entices your customers to buy with its mouthwatering display of ready to serve jackets.

Heat produced by elements is moved quickly around the oven resulting in greater efficiency in terms of electricity consumption and cooking ability. Also, this reduces heat transference to outer casing.

All King Edward bakers have a highly efficient convection oven with a unique air-flow system providing exceptional cooking results - not just for perfect jacket potatoes but for other foods too!

Product Features
Model Potato Baker - Large - PB2
Features * 115 Potato Capacity
* 55 Potato In Oven - 60 Potato On Display
* Stainless steel interior with rounded corners and removable wire shelves for easy cleaning
* Thermostatically controlled
* Vitreous enamel or stainless steel exterior for unrivalled durability and a perfect finish
* Economical to run
* Portable and plugs into a 13 amp socket
* 90 minute audible timer
Capacity 115 Potato Capacity
Construction Black or Claret Panels
Power 2985 W
Voltage 220-240V
Width 520 mm
Depth 560 mm
Height 810 mm
Weight 55 Kg

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