Classic Compact - Jacket Potato Oven
MODEL: Classic Compact
Classic Compact - Jacket Potato Oven
Classic Compact - Jacket Potato Oven Classic Compact - Jacket Potato Oven
Classic Compact - Jacket Potato Oven Classic Compact - Jacket Potato Oven

With an integral two-pot bain marie for hot fillings, and flat work surface, the Classic Compact is increasingly the oven of choice for smaller catering and food service outlets. The reason why is fairly plain to see.

The Classic Compact from King Edward combines a highly efficient convection oven with an illuminated display/storage area and independently heated integral Bain Marie - all in one stunningly effective unit.

The Compact is suitable for back bar or counter top cooking and presents an enticing view of ready to serve jacket potatoes from both sides. It has a removable, toughened glass front with a sneeze screen and write-on/wipe-off menu board, for you to customize with your own menu every day.

The stainless steel oven interior has coved corners and removable trays for easy and safe cleaning and versatile cooking ability.

Product Features
Model Classic Compact
Features * 50 Potato Capacity
* 25 Potato In Oven - 25 Potato On Display
* Thermostatically controlled 0° to 250° C fan assisted convection oven. * Economical to run. * Capacity in oven 25/20 (8/10 oz potatoes); Capacity on display 25/20 (8/10 oz potatoes). * Approx. cooking time - 1 hour for 8oz potatoes. * Wet or dry heat integral bain marie. * Pull out display serving tray. * Oven interior manufactured from high quality stainless steel (food grade 304), with rounded oven corners for safe and easy cleaning * Plugs into a 13 amp socket. * Two shelf positions.
Capacity 50 Potato Capacity
Construction Black Panels
Power 2695 W
Voltage 220-240V
Width 460 mm
Depth 480 mm
Height 560 mm
Weight 38 Kg

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