Vector 25 - Jacket Potato Oven
MODEL: Vector 25
Vector 25 - Jacket Potato Oven
Vector 25 - Jacket Potato Oven Vector 25 - Jacket Potato Oven
Vector 25 - Jacket Potato Oven Vector 25 - Jacket Potato Oven
Vector 25 - Jacket Potato Oven

Designed to offer a high quality and contemporary alternative to the long-established range of King Edward traditionally styled potato bakers. With a capacity of 25 potatoes, a flat oven top for food preparation, an illuminated storage area, and a glass menu board, this unique baking oven can bring a sense of style to any food service environment.

Utilising the same high performance fan assisted convection oven currently in use within the rest of the range, the Vector 25 can cook a total of 25 potatoes in approximately 60 minutes, and display a similar quantity in the illuminated holding area above the main oven. It can also be used to cook most other food items, making it the perfect backup oven. The Vector 25 is part of King Edward's family of contemporary styled ovens

Product Features
Model Vector 25
Features * 50 Potato Capacity
* 25 Potato In Oven - 25 Potato On Display
* llluminated storage / display area to hold jacket potatoes until ready to serve
* Useful flat oven top for potato preparation
* Write on / Wipe off removable glass menu board for maximum impact as counter top unit
* Oven interior manufactured from high quality stainless steel (food grade 304), with rounded oven corners for safe and easy cleaning.
* Fully removable wire trays to allow use of entire oven cavity without restriction.
* Thermostatically controlled fan assisted convection oven: 0° to 250°C
* Cooking time: approx 1 hour for 25 x 8oz potatoes
Capacity 50 Potato Capacity
Construction Stainless Steel Finish
Power 2455W
Voltage 220-240V
Width 460 mm
Depth 490 mm
Height 480 mm
Weight 33 Kg

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