Vista 40 - Jacket Potato Oven
MODEL: Vista 40
Vista 40 - Jacket Potato Oven
Vista 40 - Jacket Potato Oven Vista 40 - Jacket Potato Oven
Vista 40 - Jacket Potato Oven Vista 40 - Jacket Potato Oven
Vista 40 - Jacket Potato Oven Vista 40 - Jacket Potato Oven

In stainless steel, glass and perspex, the Vista 40 follows a far more modern looking design than the current range of "traditional" counter top bakers which have been market leaders for well over 20 years. The Vista 40 is the flagship of King Edward's contemporary styled oven range.

Offering vastly increased visibility of the freshly cooked food items this oven should appeal to a wide range of customers, across public sector and commercial foodservice operations. Utilising the same high performance fan assisted convection oven currently in use within the rest of the range, it will deliver thorough and consistent cooking and unrivalled reliability. With a relatively small footprint the Vista 40 provides superb value for money: users can cook, store, display and merchandise all from a single source. Crucially the Vista 40 is now far more suitable to cook and display a wide range of foods such as croissants, baguettes, pastries and much, much more.

Product Features
Model Vista 40
* 80 Potato Capacity
* 40 Potato In Oven - 40 Potato On Display
* Innovative design ensures the oven is equally effective as a counter top or back-bar unit
* Oven interior manufactured from high quality stainless steel (food grade 304), with rounded oven corners for safe and easy cleaning
* Fully removable wire trays to allow use of entire oven cavity without restriction
* Independently heated, illuminated storage / display area with 360 degree visibility to hold and present potatoes and other foodstuffs when ready to serve
* Thermostatically controlled fan assisted convection oven: 0° to 250°C

Capacity 80 Potato Capacity
Construction Stainless Steel Finish
Power 2945W
Voltage 220-240V
Width 490 mm
Depth 350 mm
Height 640 mm
Weight 33 Kg

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