Big Ben - Mobile Potato Baking Oven - LPG
MODEL: Big Ben
Big Ben - Mobile Potato Baking Oven - LPG
Big Ben - Mobile Potato Baking Oven - LPG Big Ben - Mobile Potato Baking Oven - LPG
Big Ben - Mobile Potato Baking Oven - LPG Big Ben - Mobile Potato Baking Oven - LPG
Big Ben - Mobile Potato Baking Oven - LPG Big Ben - Mobile Potato Baking Oven - LPG


If you’ve ever dreamt of being your own boss, of independence and generating your own income, the Big Ben is for you.

Years of production development have resulted in the ultimate mobile potato-baking kitchen. This sturdy money making oven has a real winning formula, and your customers will be drawn to the aroma of fresh potatoes baking in the Big Ben.

Fired by LPG gas, this versatile and attractive unit is ideal for enterprising entrepreneurs and outside caterers. Designed in a traditional Victorian style, the Big Ben is capable of producing much more than just Baked Potatoes. The Big Ben is far more versatile and surprising. Sausages, Burgers, Bacon Baps, Baguettes, Baked Apples, Hot Pies, Pizza and Panini's can all be produced with this money spinner, not to mention hot drinks to wash it all down. The Big Ben can bake up to 150 x 250gm potatoes an hour using just 8-10kg of gas per day. How’s that for cost efficiency?

Built from heavy gauge galvanized steel and stainless steel, the Big Ben mobile oven is then stove enamelled before assembly and embellished with solid brass fittings. It has two built-in stainless steel sinks with a piping hot water facility that can also be used for dispensing hot drinks, and ample gas and potato storage cabinets. With an attractive brass bell, you can let customers know you’re ready to feed the waiting masses.

Towing is easy too. The Big Ben mobile oven is the size of an average camping trailer and is much lighter and more maneuverable than a caravan, allowing you to gain access to even the smallest trading locations.

The Big Ben has the all important CE and ETL conformity, which is the compulsory legal requirement for gas appliances sold in Europe and North America (ask for more details). Also tested and listed for sales in USA and Canada with ETL laboratories.

Product Features
Model Big Ben
* 230 Potato capacity
* Fully ready to transport and cook
* Attractive presentation and delicious aroma
* Potatoes are easy to serve
* Jacket potatoes are low cost
* Potatoes are easy to prepare and cook
* Hot Drinks
* LPG gas fired
* Customer own branding
* Proven Moneyspinner - high profit margins!
* Ideal as B.B.Q.
(actually works better and faster than a standard B.B.Q.)

* Solid Brass Hot water tap
* 2 x Built-in stainless steel sinks.
* Cooking Capacity 150x250gm Potatoes.
* Warm hold capacity 80 baked potatoes.
* Pizza pies, toasted sandwiches, bacon, sausage, chops, chicken.
* Easy Loading 3 large capacity stainless steel cooking trays.
* Easy ignition and temperature control.
* 25ltr hot water on tap.
* Secure storage for the LPG gas supply in a dedicated compartment.
* Spare wheel.
* Fire extinguisher.
* CE, ETL and CSA certified.
* Heavy gauge stainless steel interior
* Thoroughly insulated for safety and efficiency
* Stove-enamelled body panels (inside and out) Black finish
* Large Stainless Steel hot holding area
* Durable stay cool drawer fronts
* Wired for indicators and towing lights

Capacity 230 Potato Capacity
Litres 25L Water Capacity
Construction Enamelled Body Panels, Stainless Steel Interior
Power LPG Gas
Width 1430 mm
Depth 2460 mm
Height 2000 mm
Weight 400 Kg

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